Contribute to Woofy the Dogs Go Fund Me Account for Emergency Ear Ablation

This is Woofy. He is a long hair Havanese who was surrendered by his breeder after neglect left him with tumors in his ears. There is currently a Go Fund Me account in place to raise the $5000 needed for his treatment. Our generous community has already donated over $1100 and we are well on our way to getting Woofy the help he needs.

Woofy's Donation Page Go Fund Me

Here is part of Woofy’s story from his Go Fund Me page.

Woofy ChristmasRecently I was surrendered by my breeder along with multiple puppy siblings and my Mommy. Because we are Havanese all of my family was adopted into their new forever homes but I was left behind.

I was born with bowed legs and I have always walked a little funny (the humans tell me it is called hip dysplasia). My breeder had me neutered because I was not good enough to breed. While I am glad they did not put me to work I wish they hadn’t stopped caring about me once I stopped being useful. I didn’t get the baths and haircuts that I needed and my ears never got cleaned.

We Havanese have long hair in and around our ears and if our humans don’t take care of it we are at risk to develop tumors in our ears. My tumors have gotten so bad that my ears have closed off and I am left unable to hear anything around me. My ears itch all of the time and I try to shake it out but nothing works. My new foster parents say that if I can get surgery my ears will stop bothering me and I might even be able to hear again.

Once my tumors are gone as long as my forever humans continue to take care of me the tumors won’t come back.

Save Woofy's Ears

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