A Kitten Story

Update: Adopted The three kittens were adopted almost right away. Two of them went to the same home. The Momma Cat has also been adopted. She is being spoiled and doted on.

Behind my apartments, there is an area of land. My cats would go back there and play, but often there was conflict because of another cat that was back there. This cat appeared to be a large male tomcat that was hanging around and picking fights with my other two cats. He was black with a bobbed tail and looked rather large.

I thought something had happened to this cat because after awhile, I didn’t see him around much. Then he was back. I assumed he was feral. I also wasn’t a fan of this cat, since I assumed he was hunting the birds and squirrels that I would feed. I saw him dive into the ivy, out back, with something that looked like prey in his mouth.

One day I was out in this area, and I noticed this cat. It actually looked small and very thin. This was right before summer and the heat was about to hit, and I felt sorry for it. I left it some food and some water. Then while refilling the food and water, I noticed that this cat was a female.

Each day, I would bring fresh food and water to this area and sit out there and visit with this cat. It got to the point where all I would have to do is walk out there and her little black head would pop out of the bushes to greet me.

One day while she was eating I noticed there was another head in the ivy, and that this cat had kittens. I also thought she was trying to attack me sometimes because she would meow and charge at me. One day I decided to hold my ground, and instead of attacking me she hopped in my arms and started purring.

She was actually a sweet abandoned cat trying to fend for herself and protect her kittens. It was also starting to get hot, and I saw some other cats and a dog poking around by the ivy. I knew I had to do something.

I put on some gloves and took my cat carrier out to the ivy. When the Momma Cat came out to visit me, I picked her up and put her in the carrier. Now it was time to see how many kittens were hiding in the ivy. I ended up finding 3 kittens. Their eyes were open, and they were just beginning to wander around. I’m glad I rescued them when I did.

For the next 2-3 weeks I had the pleasure of caring for a sweet momma cat and her 3 kittens. It is amazing how fast kittens can grow. It seemed like they changed everyday. I also discovered that the mom was completely tame and a very nice cat. The kittens love people and have good litter box habits. This little mom did a great job considering what she was up against.

In spite of me loving the cats and wanting to keep the family together, I don’t think my landlord would like me having 6 cats in my apartment. Thankfully, I was able to work with Deb and she found a great foster home for this cat family.

Thank-you, Cori! I was concerned about where they would end up, and now I know they are in a safe and caring environment. Besides their gentle nature and sweet personalities these are some cool looking cats.

The mom is a beautiful shiny black with big green eyes. She has a bobbed tail and she looks like she is Manx.

Beautiful and Sweet Momma Kitty

Beautiful and Sweet Momma Kitty

The runt of the litter is Bob. He is black like his mom with the same bobbed tail. He is a little guy with a big personality. He was actually my favorite.

Bob-Gregarious Black Manx Kitten

Bob-Gregarious Black Manx Kitten

It would be awesome if he and his mom could get adopted together. They seemed really close and would end up being two cool looking cats.

The other male kitten is Captain. This guy is a grey striped kitty. He is the most out going and super cute. He has spots on his tummy and loves to play. He has big paws and looks like he will be giant. He is a very nice cat and I have no doubts Captain will find a great home. He is that cute.

Captain being cute as usual. Long haired male.

Captain is that cute!

The sweetest kitten is Ellie. She is the only girl and is shy and sweet. In spite of being larger than her brothers she is very gentle and reserved. She is a unique tortoise color and also has a bobbed tail. She is longed furred and very special.

Ellie - Sweet torti female with bobbed tale. Manx kitten.

Ellie is the sweetest girl. Pretty Manx Kitten.

If anyone is interested in adopting these great kitties please contact Deb. The mom is probably only about a year old and still a kitten herself, but she did everything she could to take care of her babies. These are wonderful cats. I miss them, already.

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